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Why Middle-aged Women Get Fat - Healthy Lifestyle

The article talks about the reasons why women after 40 years get stout. The main reasons: problems with harmonies, slowing down metabolism, nervous shocks.

According to social surveys, over time, 80% of the fair sex acquire extra pounds. This is associated with the natural factors that affect the female body. It is very unfortunate, but when a woman steps over the mark of 40 years, all her efforts to get rid of excess weight can be in vain. Ladies get depressed and blame themselves for not being able to achieve results.

No need to reproach yourself - you will not go against nature. It is simply necessary to study in detail the problem of excess kilograms and find the right way out of the situation. We list a few reasons that do not allow us to maintain a slim figure.

Hormone problems

In the female body, when the border of forty years is passed, the level of two substances - estrogen (also called estradiol) and progesterone - is necessarily reduced. These hormones are associated with proper metabolism and the ability to reproduce in the light of children. However, after forty years, the content of these substances decreases, which entails the arrival of the menopausal and menopausal period. Menopausal syndrome is characterized by a decrease in estrogen levels, as a result of which the body becomes more magnificent, especially in the abdomen. A small amount of progesterone does not directly provoke a set of extra pounds, but in the body in this situation a lot of water accumulates, and this increases weight and makes a person visually fuller.

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A drop in testosterone levels over time also entails completeness. In women, the level of this male hormone in the body is already low, and yet this substance serves the development of muscles and weight loss..

Metabolic slowdown

In the process of a scientific experiment carried out in 2010, experts studied over 8,000 people of various ages and came to the conclusion that after 40 years mature individuals have a major metabolic rate decrease of 3.1-3.3 percent. This means that in a body in a static state, about 50-60 kcal is burned per day. smaller. It seems that this is quite small, however, if you do not play sports and eat the usual high-calorie foods, the weight per year may increase by 3 kilograms. The situation is aggravated by the fact that many women strictly restrict themselves in food, and this, as a rule, does not entail any positive changes..

Nervous shocks

During the menopausal period, representatives of the weaker sex have poor tolerance to nervous shocks, and this is accompanied by an increase in the cortisol content in the body. This hormone is responsible for controlling the metabolism of carbohydrates, in addition, it is directly involved in the development of stressful conditions..

Sugar and other simple carbohydrates briefly reduce the content of cortisol, and one of the consequences of increasing the level of this stressful substance is the appearance of a permanent sensation of insufficient satiation and exhausting cravings to eat something that tastes good and sweet - so the body tries to feel better. As a result, this entails combining and weight gain..

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Insulin insensitivity

When time inexorably approaches the menopausal period, peculiar changes occur in the body that can cause insensitivity (also called resistance) of tissue receptors to insulin. This condition causes a decrease in the sensitivity of muscle cells. As a result, a situation arises when glucose loses the ability to seep into the cells of muscle tissue, remaining in the blood plasma. As a result, the pancreas secretes too much insulin, and its level in the body becomes higher than adequate indicators. This contributes to the storage" of glucose in the form of fat, since fat cells are very sensitive to insulin, and glucose cannot remain in the blood all the time. It turns out a virtually hopeless situation.

Passive lifestyle

Scientists testify that every ten years, the energy expenditure of the body is reduced by ten percent. After forty years, ladies do not find free time, and often the desire to lead an active lifestyle. A fairly obvious rule is known: a lack of sport is an excess of fat on the waist, buttocks and stomach, and vice versa.

Drug therapy

The accumulation of extra pounds is often caused by the undesirable effect of many medicines. It is very unfortunate, but when women approach forty years old, often they are already burdened with serious illnesses. Hormonal and antipsychotic drugs are especially monstrous in weight. Antihistamines, provoking a feeling of fatigue and a constant desire to sleep, reduce the metabolic rate, slowing down the burning of fat. Weight gain can also be caused by medications for the treatment of diabetes, headaches, brain hemorrhages, arthritis, cancer, and other diseases..

But in no case should not be discouraged. The rules for weight loss are the same both in youth and after forty years - low-calorie foods, the right lifestyle and sports. But strict restrictions on the consumption of certain foods can only aggravate the condition of the body, causing unpleasant diseases.