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Vacuum massage is an excellent tool for treating joints at home. It restores metabolism, saturates with micronutrients.

It often happens that you have to turn to alternative medicine for help if you have health problems. Vacuum banks have been used for a long time. They are used not only to treat colds, but also to relieve discomfort and pain in the joints. The advantage of vacuum therapy is that a positive result can be achieved much faster than using only tablets and ointments. However, with severe pain in the joints, it is necessary to conduct a course of drug blockade, such as, for example, blockade of the shoulder joint. The procedure is performed by a doctor exclusively in medical institutions.

Operating principle

During treatment, special banks are used, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. The use of other similar vessels (preferably elastic) is also allowed, the main thing is sterility. After vacuum therapy, characteristic bruising marks usually remain on the skin. They show that the session was held correctly. In this case, the healing process will go faster..

The procedure is most often carried out in a prone position, a small pillow should be placed under the knees.

For soft tissues of the thigh, medium-sized cans are used, they are attached to the side and front, the smallest are installed on the inside. The procedure is performed for 5 minutes. To achieve a positive effect, it is recommended to take a course of 7-10 sessions with interruptions of several days.

Features of the procedure: how to put cans on the joints

Perhaps one of the most common diseases is arthrosis, which is characterized by deformation of the joints, limiting their mobility. Arthrosis happens:

elbow joint;

Bank Joint




hands and fingers;

cervical spine.

What is useful vacuum massage?

It restores metabolism, relieves the body of harmful compounds, saturates with micronutrients. Perform the procedure in a hospital or at home. The latter option is suitable for those who find it difficult to visit the doctors office daily.

The patient lies on his stomach or back, previously the skin is cleaned, the can is sterilized by heating. Then, on the sore spot, in this case, the joint, a jar is applied. You can also carry out movements in a circle, in the form of a zigzag, spiral, straight. Usually, fixed vacuum jars are installed on the joints, which should absorb the skin.


Bank Joint

Despite the safety of the method, banks are not advised to conduct treatment for people with a number of diseases. Among them:

heart and vascular disease;


skin integument;

infectious pathologies;


cancerous tumors;


tendency to bleeding, etc..

If you decide to undergo joint treatment with vacuum cans, you should first consult your doctor about the possibility of doing this at home. Joints can be placed on their own, or they can ask someone close to help.

Vacuum massage is an excellent tool for treating joints at home. However, doctors claim that as an independent procedure, it is ineffective. It is better to use it in conjunction with drug therapy, diet, exercise therapy (if necessary), then the positive effect will be more noticeable.