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Treatment of varicocele without surgery with folk remedies - Healthy lifestyle

The article will talk about such a disease in men as varicocele. The causes of its appearance, the main symptoms of varicocele, treatment with traditional medicine.

Varicocele is a disease in which pathological expansion of the veins of the testicle is noted. These veins form a cluster-like plexus, which braids the testicle in this pathology. This pathology can be found at any age. Due to some anatomical features, varicocele of the right testicle is much more common. The bilateral process is as rare as the right-sided. The danger of this disease is that without treatment, this process threatens male infertility.

Traditional medicine, to improve the function of reproduction, adheres to a radical way of solving the problem - performing an operation with varicocele. More details on But in simple cases or in children, the alternative to surgery is conservative treatment with folk remedies.

Physical exercise

To improve blood flow, the following specific exercises are recommended:

We rise a little on the socks from a standing position, and then quickly return to its original position. The exercise must be done in three sets of 10 lifts with a short break. It is carried out in the morning and in the evening.

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Standing position, feet brought together. It is necessary to make maximum inclinations to the floor, then gradually rise, gradually inhaling and rising on the heels, lifting socks. Its best to do about 10 such inclinations twice a day..

Folk remedies for the treatment of varicocele

There are many options for treating varicocele without surgery.

1. Apple compotes. The most useful variety is Antonovka. For taste, you can add honey, but not sugar. Drink twice daily before meals..

2. Herbal fees. There are two options..

For the first, you need to take chamomile flowers, chestnut, root, raspberry root, yarrow grass, willow bark in the same ratio. 30 g of this collection per 0.5 l of boiling water. After a day of insisting, strain and drink twice a day, 150-200 ml.

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The second: dandelion root, birch leaves and strawberries, clover grass, oat straw. Insist for half an hour, take about 20 g of this mixture for 0.5 l. To use three times a day before meals.

3. Mumiyo. Dilute half a glass in 1 tbsp. l boiled water, drink 30 g of the drug per day.

4. Mix the crushed wormwood root with sour cream, and apply on a gauze dressing to the area of the affected testicle. Do every night for 2 hours. Apply for 5 days, then do not apply for 4 days, and then repeat for another week.

5. St. John's wort. After grinding 5 g of the mass, add 50 g of sunflower oil and insist in a water bath for 2.5 hours. For the best effect, it is recommended to let it brew all night in a warm and dry place. Then strain and process the scrotum area 3 times a day.

6. Chestnut. Pour the crushed leaves with the same amount of boiling water, wait until it cools, and do compresses. The duration of the compress takes about 2 hours. Apply 18-22 days, in total it will take about 5-6 courses per year.

7. Elecampane with dandelion. Grind dandelion root - 200 g, add elecampane root to it, about 25 g, it also needs to be crushed. Pour this mass with a glass of water, first it will need to be boiled and put in a water bath until the liquid evaporates 3-4 times. After this, the broth should be filtered, the sediment wiped and mixed with 60-80 g of animal fat. For solidification, it is necessary to place it in a cold and dry place and store it thereafter. Apply to the area of the affected testicle before bedtime, it is advisable to cover with a gauze bandage and put on cotton linen. The course of such therapy is about 20 days..

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Like any disease, varicocele is easier to prevent than to treat. To do this, it is very important to eat well and regularly, avoid excessive physical exertion, lead a healthy lifestyle, pay attention to the health of the urogenital and digestive systems of the male body.