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Nervous Tick in a Child - Healthy Lifestyle

This article is about neural tics in children, about the possible causes of its occurrence, about the treatment of neural tics and preventative measures..

The origin of nerve tics is different: sometimes they arise as a result of some kind of irritation - for example, a strap was constantly slipping, and the child straightened it with his shoulder, low hanging hair prevented him, and he shook his head. If a child begins to tick with frequent blinking, it may be preceded by conjunctivitis?

A nervous tick, like stuttering, for example, can occur as a result of imitation of another child or adult.

tics Outwardly

Nervous tics in children can be divided into four types:

Motor tics. Outwardly, it most often manifests itself in the form of contraction of the muscles of the face, blinking, twitching of the eyebrows, winking, movements of the lips, arms or legs, fingers (tugging of clothes, twitching of the shoulder, sharp tilt of the head, etc.).

Vocal tics. Outwardly, this is an involuntary reproduction of sounds: snorting, grunting, whistling, sniffing, coughing.

Ritual tics. Outwardly, this is a repetition of peculiar rituals: walking in a circle, an unusual manner of walking.

tics Outwardly

Generalized ticks. This is a combination of several tick forms..

It will be perfectly right if you try to create a gentle regime for your child, do not punish him, but you should not indulge all the whims. And a nervous child must obey certain requirements; this must be achieved persistently, but calmly and gently. Inspire the child that he will surely recover, and believe in it yourself; do not despair because the first months of treatment did not produce the desired results: the fight against nervous tics requires patience, long efforts.

Warm baths (36-37 degrees) work well in such cases. They are conducted in specific courses, the duration of which should be consulted with a doctor..

Probably, the child is prescribed drugs with a calming effect, physiotherapeutic procedures, as well as calcium gluconate. Follow these doctor's instructions carefully.

Treatment measures combined with the correct daily routine and pedagogical impact will undoubtedly bring success.