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Myoma - from resentment, cyst - from jealousy

Myoma - from resentment, cyst - from jealousy - article on the site Healthy lifestyle

Many gynecological problems can be caused by strong feelings..

Mastopathy Often appears in women taking care of their adult children. What to do? Stop playing the role of "nursing mother." Finally wean your adult babies and take care of yourself. Breast health directly depends on your personal level of happiness. Therefore, put in the first place your desires. Do not put off anything until tomorrow. The most important day in your life is today.

loved ones

Endometriosis This ailment develops in women who do not know how to rejoice, are prone to alarmism. A sense of hopelessness of life and, as a result, indifference to oneself and one's health provoke endometriosis. What to do? Live with the feeling that all suffering is left behind. Every day, start with thoughts of the happiness you already have now..

Uterine fibroids. This ends the long resentment of their loved ones, a tendency to bad mood and depression. This condition psychologically depresses the metabolism and leads to changes in the hormonal background. What to do? Forgive everyone who offended you. Stop looking for flaws in people. Look for virtues in them. Honestly tell yourself: "No one promised me paradise on earth." Do not make claims to relatives and strangers. Any activity that gives pleasure, even cooking home-made pudding, saves you from depression.

Ovarian cyst. Appears from excessive fears. The most common of them is they don't like me. Jealousy, fear of loneliness, the desire to constantly sort things out with people is also the cause of this ailment. What to do? Realize that most fears are from childhood and you just need to grow up. Become necessary first of all to yourself. After all, if you live, then God loves you. What good can you do in response to his love? Build faith in yourself.

loved ones

Cervical erosion. As a rule, this is the result of resentment against close men: husband, father or brother. High expectations and demands: he must, he must, the inability to come to terms with the problems that arose through the fault of men. What to do? To lower the bar of your expectations and stop accumulating resentment. By and large, no one owes anything to anyone. If you accept this, life will change for the better. And again: look for the causes of quarrels and disagreements in yourself. Indeed, it is a woman who 80% determines the fate of a man: his health, life expectancy. And only by 20% does he do it himself because of his upbringing, physical data and heredity.

Candidiasis, or thrush. It arises because of a constant desire to control the situation and people's actions, because of the belief that only you, with your experience, can cope with the situation. What to do? Let loved ones live by their own rules. Learn to respect the actions of others. Protecting from possible mistakes of those closest to you, you stand in their way. be patient.

Severe menopause. So it occurs in women who are dissatisfied with their lives, with an inferiority complex, accumulated over the years fatigue and the habit of neglecting their own interests. What to do? Take your age as a time of wisdom. Learning to enjoy every moment of life. Find close friends and friends by age, do good deeds together and be sure to communicate with young people. Well, if there are grandchildren. They have their own rhythm of life, but they need you, and you need their energy. Set yourself new goals, find a new meaning in life. Do not waste time, start creating. Come up with new recipes for dishes, compose poems. Tune in to longevity.

Author: I.V. Vakshina, gynecologist, doctor of the highest category