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Migraine is chronic. Most migraines affect women. The causes of the disease, the main symptoms of migraine, treatment methods are discussed in the article..

Migraine symptoms

This insidious disease has a growing character. As a rule, in the first hours a sensation of drilling begins in the temporal part of the head, sometimes in the forehead and after it begins to spread to the eye and covers the entire head. The pain begins on one side of the head and is pulsating in nature. The attack can last from a couple of hours, up to several days. Headache may be accompanied by photophobia, pallor of the skin, increased heart rate, nausea and vomiting. Sometimes there is an increase in body temperature. In this case, the patient loses visual acuity and tinnitus appears.

Provocative factors

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Failure to comply with a rest regimen, lack of good nutrition and frequent diets can trigger a migraine attack. All snacks on the go and fast foods do not allow the body to be saturated with useful elements, the effect of such products is aimed at a deceptive feeling of fullness. Bad habits, such as drinking alcohol, smoking are some of the main provocateurs of the attack. The field of professional activity is also able to leave its mark. It is worth paying attention to the number of drinks containing caffeine. Periodically, migraine attacks affect weather-dependent people.

Disease treatment

Migraine treatment consists of several stages. The most important point will be to timely prevent the occurrence of an attack. At this stage, all used provocateurs should be excluded, stress situations and overwork should be avoided as much as possible. Minimize exposure to external stimuli.

The next step is to stop the oncoming pain. This is done by taking medications prescribed by your doctor to help relieve a migraine attack, or even prevent it. As soon as signs of migraine appear, you can brew warm tea and add sugar to it, do acupressure in the area of the painful side of the head and temple, massage of the carotid artery with pressure is possible. A cool compress will not be superfluous.

migraine inherited

Risk group

Basically, migraine is inherited, so if the mother and father suffer from this type of seizure, the probability that the migraine is inherited by the child is 90%. It should be noted that fathers practically do not pass the gene of the disease to children. Women get sick much more often than men. This is due to the hormonal background. In girls, the first manifestations of migraine are possible during the formation of the menstrual cycle.

Experts note that the launch of the mechanism of migraine attacks is often associated with the professional field of activity, since mental stress and psycho-emotional instability provoke the disease in most people.

If migraine develops, you need to consult a neurologist to assess the severity of the onset of seizures, timely diagnosis of the disease and the appointment of suitable medications.

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