acute prostatitis

Insidious male disease - prostatitis

It happens when a man sharply pierces acute pain in the lower abdomen. All the time I want to go to the toilet and the urination procedure becomes painful. Attention - PROSTATIT!

Very often happens when a man is sharply pierced by acute pain. Having listened to his body, a man realizes that the lower abdomen hurts, and with it: the bladder, penis, testicles, urethra. In addition, chills are quite possibly added. All the time I want to go to the toilet and the urination procedure becomes painful. The bladder still cant empty.

These symptoms clearly indicate acute infectious inflammation of the prostate gland, or acute prostatitis..

A man is unable to endure such suffering, and therefore immediately rushes to the doctor for help. And this is the right thing, because acute prostatitis is a dangerous disease, and if it is launched, it can be life-threatening.

But if the treatment is prescribed on time and correctly, then the antibacterial drugs quickly cope with the problem, and complete recovery.

acute pain

A completely different situation develops with chronic prostatitis. This disease has similar symptoms, but they are much less pronounced. Sometimes a man is almost not bothered by anything. Aching pain can occur and disappear, an erection weakens or is absent altogether, sperm condition worsens, and libido decreases. Urination occurs very often and in small portions. All this worries a man, but visiting a doctor is often postponed indefinitely..

Causes of the disease

Unfortunately, modern medicine does not know everything about the prostate gland and its chronic inflammation. It is known that the disease may have a bacterial or non-bacterial form. Bacterial infection of the prostate occurs with infected urine if the bladder and urethra become infected, for example, during medical procedures or as a result of sexually transmitted diseases - mycoplasmosis, chlamydia and others. The risk of infection is great during unprotected anal sex.

A non-bacterial form of the disease occurs when urine enters the prostate and provokes irritation. The risk of chronic prostatitis increases when performing work related to vibration (for example, for tractor drivers), stress, frequent cycling, working with heavy equipment, or jogging. Various diseases of the prostate gland are observed in 50-80 percent of men aged 25-45 years, that is, in the most active reproductive period.

Treatment methods

The doctor should determine the presence of prostatitis using a digital examination of the prostate through the anus. Size, density, swelling and pain when touched indicate the condition of the prostate. A bacteriological analysis of a portion of seminal fluid is carried out. Then the man must undergo ultrasound diagnostics. The doctor should exclude the presence of cystitis, urethritis, prostate adenoma and a malignant tumor. The strength of the urine stream is also determined and blood is analyzed for the presence of PSA — prostate specific antigen.

becomes painful

Depending on the form of the disease, a course of treatment is prescribed. A bacterial infection is treated with antibiotics. In this case, in no case should you interrupt the course. Antibiotics do not penetrate the prostate tissue well, so the medicine often needs to be taken until the symptoms disappear completely.

Non-bacterial prostatitis is more difficult to treat. Due to the possibility of the existence of an undetected infection, the use of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs is possible. Alpha blockers can be used to improve the outflow of urine and prostatic fluid. Vitamins and herbs are prescribed.

No wonder they say about the prostate gland - the second heart of a man. After all, it produces seminal fluid, which serves as a transport and food for sperm. The size and appearance of the prostate is similar to a walnut. This organ is located in front of the rectum and slightly lower than the neck of the bladder, covering the urethra.

The treatment of prostatitis requires considerable exposure. The patient should undergo rectal massage of the prostate every day, do relaxing exercises to relieve tension of the muscles of the pelvis, follow a diet and monitor his weight. The use of warm sitting baths helps a lot. If prostatitis is not bacterial, its autoimmune cause is possible, therefore, it is necessary to strengthen immunity and monitor the general condition of the body.

Unfortunately, with chronic prostatitis, full recovery is rare. Repeated cases of exacerbations of the disease are very common. Therefore, patients should always keep their condition under control, trying to extend the period of remission. A man should make every effort to maintain his family, quality of life, working capacity, sexual capabilities, and fullness of his life..

Prostatitis Prevention

A man needs to take care of his health, maintain immunity, do not overcool, adhere to an active lifestyle. It is very important to have regular sexual relations, to prevent the introduction of infection through sexual contact, to avoid prolonged abstinence - in this case, normal circulation of sperm will be ensured, and the prostate gland will be stably supplied with blood.