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How to wean a child to whine - an article on the website Healthy lifestyle

Many parents are faced with frequent whims and nagging of the child, and at such moments they simply dont know how to react to it. It is necessary to understand why the child behaves this way and what to do about it.?

Reasons for baby whining

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Whining - this is the poor physical condition of the child or his internal unmet needs. Therefore, until you get rid of the cause of hysteria, do not shout at it or apply various punishments. In such ways, the situation only worsen.!

What could be the reasons for this behavior of babies:

The first and main reason for the childs constant tantrums is poor physical condition (wants to eat, drink, tired, wants to use the toilet or sleep). While the child is small, he cannot distinguish from what his mood has changed. He cannot directly say that he wants to eat, drink and sleep. Parents need to find the reason for his moods. After reviewing the daily routine of the child, pay attention to the sleep and wakefulness of the baby.

frequent whims

Still frequent whims can occur in a child due to lack of attention and love. If parents spend little time with the baby, they work or the child is in kindergarten all day. In this case, you need to set aside all your affairs and give the baby at least 20-30 minutes. Do what the child wants!

Frequent nagging and whims can still mean that the child is trying to achieve the desired. Children easily find the weak points of their parents, and with their hysteria they achieve what they want. The first thing parents should do is calm down on their own. The most useless thing that can be done in this situation is to start screaming or putting pressure on the child. You need to be as calm and convincing as possible. It is worth learning to negotiate with the child and say no. No means no.

It happens that the baby during hysterics begins to bang his head on hard objects, refuses food for no reason and puts forward demands that cannot be implemented. Parents may not take it seriously and take it for ordinary whims. If this begins to occur often, then parents should worry and show their beloved baby to a neurologist, so that he helps to solve this issue..

Each child is individual. Sometimes a mother needs to spend a lot of time and energy to find the right approach to the baby, and wean him from whining and tantrums. To get started, try to negotiate with your child without using harsh parenting methods. The whip method is not always useful, but if the child completely refuses to listen to you, it is worth starting his accustoming to discipline..

The main thing to remember is that the methods of your weaning a child from whining should be based directly on his age. If the baby still cannot talk, then most likely with such behavior he tries to convey to his parents that something is bothering him. We must try not to leave his tantrums without attention: maybe their reason is not in the nature of the child, but in his natural desires and needs that must be satisfied.