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How to remove stretch marks after childbirth

Tips for removing postpartum stretch marks

Many women, after childbirth, face such a problem as stretch marks. For many, this is just a disaster. After all, the ugly scars that are located on the buttocks, abdomen and hips can sometimes spoil the appearance of a slim body. Some simply can not look at themselves in the mirror.

But the worst thing is that completely getting rid of such troubles is completely impossible. Increasingly, women with a question about how to remove stretch marks after childbirth go to beauticians. They have only one answer, they cannot be completely removed, however, with proper care, the skin can become more even and smooth, and stretch marks will thereby become less noticeable. Well talk about this.

To begin with, we recall from what those stretch marks appear. As a rule, this is the result of microdamage to the skin and loose connective tissue. When there is a thinning of the skin, a decrease in elasticity and firmness, the process of breaking the fibers of the epidermis.

In order for stretch marks to become slightly smaller, several treatment methods must be used simultaneously. Moreover, all methods must be performed regularly with a duration of several methods. Nevertheless, if stretch marks cannot be completely hidden, then you should refrain from frequent sunbathing. The fact is that stretch marks do not have pigments and are not able to sunbathe. The smaller the skin due to tanning, the more visible the stretch marks..

Very often, cosmetologists turn to women who are interested in advance how to remove stretch marks after childbirth. Everyone knows folk wisdom. The disease is better to prevent, to treat.

First of all, do not postpone the procedure until a later date. Many women believe that stretch marks are only able to appear at the very end of pregnancy. It's not like that at all. The body structure of each individual. Weight gain, or rather intensity in each woman occurs in different ways. That is why, it is necessary to start the procedure from the very first days of pregnancy. Gradually, by the fourth month, such manipulations will become a habit. It is at this moment that the chest and abdomen become heavier. And the procedures will help the skin stay beautiful, supple and supple..

I offer some tips to prevent the appearance of stretch marks:

- It is necessary to wear a special bandage and supporting underwear, which will help protect the heavy chest and stomach from the effects of gravity.

- Perform procedures that will help harden your breasts. To do this, you can use cold water, ice cubes, a contrast shower, and also rub the skin of the chest with a bath towel.

- Use lemon slices to rub the breast.

- Be sure to take air baths.

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- Lubrication with vegetable oil is especially beneficial for the skin. You can use olive.

- In order to maintain the necessary level of elastin and collagen in the skin, it is necessary to adhere to proper nutrition, produce regular massage, and also use various creams and gels to moisturize.

- Be sure to monitor the weight. Naturally, no one forbids you to recover, but you need to do this without leaps.

- When taking a bath, add one tablespoon of pine extract to the water. This will help smooth the skin..

- Apply a variety of creams for stretch marks, as well as essential oils. The composition of special products includes collagen, elastane, natural components and plant extracts.

If nevertheless the preventive measures did not give the necessary result, after the birth, after 3-6 months, it is necessary to start a more radical treatment:

- As soon as stretch marks appeared, it is necessary to conduct regular massage in this place. And it will help in the case when the stretch marks are fresh. Here, both manual and vacuum massage can be used. In addition, these types of massage will not only help to eliminate sagging skin and improve blood circulation, but also reduce the volume.

- Microdermabrasion. This procedure will help stretch marks lose their rich color. Gradually, they become thinner and less deep. Many experts claim that this procedure will help remove stretch marks forever..

- Abdominoplasty. This method relates to a surgical kind. In this case, the skin is removed with stretch marks. The method is effective only if stretch marks formed as a result of pregnancy, they are located below the navel, and also have a sufficient limitation period. It is also worth noting that after surgery, the wounds heal long enough and painfully.

- Laser therapy. With this method, a laser system is used. In a few sessions, and this is approximately 4-6, the skin is able to completely renew.

- Mesotherapy. This method involves subcutaneous injections using medicinal cocktails. This eliminates edema, stimulates blood circulation and cell metabolism..

- Ozone therapy. With this procedure, microcirculation is restored, and all processes in the body are also stimulated. The skin cells begin to eat intensely, and as a result, stretch marks acquire a healthy complexion.

- Peeling. You can resort to the use of surface peeling with glycolic acid. Such a peeling is suitable for stretch marks, which are classified as fresh. For older, you can use median trichloroacetic peeling.