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How to overcome stress

Stress has become an integral part of everyday life for a person, hes sharpening his soul with a nasty worm and killing nerve cells ... how to overcome it?

At work, he was in trouble, and the boss is worse than a fierce beast. After a busy day, the husband demands a five-course dinner and reproaches for unwashed dishes. The child again brought a remark in the diary. The cat broke her favorite vase. The neighbors complete the whole set of "amenities" with a noisy repair that has not stopped for a year ...

It is difficult in such a situation to remain calm and serene. Stress has become an integral part of everyday life for a person; hes a nasty worm sharpening his soul and killing nerve cells, which, as you know, cannot be restored.

Why is stress dangerous?

The common expression "all diseases from the nerves", of course, was heard by almost everyone. But not everyone gives it serious significance, but in vain ... Stress serves as a provocateur of a large number of diseases: sleep disorders, depression, obesity of various degrees, diseases of the cardiovascular system, digestive problems, Alzheimer's disease, asthma.

Physiologically, this effect of stress on the body is explained very simply: nervous tension promotes the release of two hormones into the body - adrenaline and cortisol. Under normal conditions, they are beneficial. Adrenaline increases the speed of the heartbeat, which provides a better supply of oxygen to the cells, and cortisol regulates blood sugar and enhances metabolic processes. But when stresses become chronic, an excess of hormones occurs, this damaging effect on the body.

Types of stress

The causes of nervous tension are great. Therefore, there are several types of stress:

Emotional stress

It arises under the influence of prolonged moral overload: a protracted family conflict, urgent important tasks at work, etc..

Acute stress

everyday life

It is provoked by an unexpected important event: the departure of a loved one, the death of a relative or friend, sad news

Psychological stress

Also called nervous stress. It arises due to internal depression, self-doubt, prolonged psychological discomfort

Physical stress

He is promoted by persistent hard training or an obsessive noise (the cry of a baby, the noise of a neighbor's repair, the howling of a car siren under a window, etc.)

Methods of dealing with nervous tension

If stress has swept through the wave and it is difficult to breathe, you should take into account a few tips and ways to deal with this invisible enemy:


Meditations and asanas contribute to relaxation and gaining peace of mind and inner harmony. The main thing is to perform the exercises correctly and regularly. Yoga adherents notice that the effect of exercise is several times higher than that of a healthy restful sleep.


Favorite hobby will fill your life with impressions and saturate gray everyday life with bright colors. The main thing is that the chosen field of activity brings joy and pleasure.

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Physical activity has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Its important not to overdo it. But moderate exercise intensity will benefit. You can, for example, arrange a fight with a punching bag.

Reading books

This lesson helps to find peace of mind and peace. Enough to spend half an hour a day reading the works of your favorite genre in a cozy atmosphere.

Correct psychological attitudes

You need to try to project positive thoughts into real life. You should learn to say no, because a person who gives away something all the time, in the end, burns out emotionally.

A good tool is the rejection of negative thoughts and aggression, you need to create a mental shell around yourself and filter through it all the impressions you get. One can imagine that the body is surrounded by a mirror shield, from which all negative and emotional garbage is repelled.


Sometimes you need to sit back and plunge into the world of positive memories of pleasant events and people. You should get a psychological attitude from yourself that life is beautiful, and problems are only current concerns that are pretty easy to handle..

A trip to nature will help to understand that the most important thing is primitive concerns..

Previously, people did not have loans, jobs, divorces, or annoying neighbors. In addition, fresh air and sunny heat will help to mentally relax. If you get into nature in the forest, away from civilization, you can give way to stress by shouting plenty.

If these tips do not help, you may need specialist help and medical treatment (or herbal medicine).

Stress is an absolutely normal and common reaction to increased nervous tension, you need to arrange for yourself a nerve discharge. Only in no case on the surrounding people. It is better to relieve tension by directing a storm of emotions in a useful direction, for example, you can play paintball with your family. And moral discharge, and a way to lose weight.