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How to name a girl, what name to choose a girl, what to consider

What to call a girl? What name is suitable for a girl? What to consider? After all, the girls name should be liked and must be harmonious.

Choosing a childs name is an important event in the life of future parents. The name should like them, the next of kin and be sure to be harmonious. What you need to consider when choosing a name for your baby?

Consonance of a name with a surname and a patronymic. The chosen option must necessarily fit under the name of the father, because in adulthood most of us hear our full name every day at work.

Description and translation of the name from other languages. Extremely important in the selection process is the study of the meaning of the name from various sources. For some, it is important that a person is creative and creative, while others call independence, determination and firmness of character a priority.

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Nationality. This principle is not important for each of the parents, but in multinational families often choose universal international variants of names, such as Anna, Maria or Diana.

If the parents of the unborn child are believers, then the name is chosen in accordance with the month and birthday. In the calendar called Saints, all days of Orthodox saints are registered: see article names of girls according to Saints.

Some of the parents take into account the hardness and softness of the name, but others consider that the perception of this factor is subjective.

The combination of letters in the initials. The main thing here is to avoid three-letter dissonant words.

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Sometimes mom and dad also take into account the season (there is a theory of the separation of names into winter, summer, autumn and spring) or fashion trends.

It is believed that girls born this year will have a difficult character. They will be obstinate, strong, but elegant and sophisticated ladies. What names are suitable for such girls?

The names of Sofia, Alexander, Milan and Cyrus remain popular. They are suitable for wise and kind girls. Increasingly, parents recall the name Arina (touching and gentle nature). Winter girls of the year can be called Elizabeth, Marina, Elena, Oksana, and summer - Olga, Irina, Daria, Elsa. Spring girls - Alla, Matrena, Claudius, Muse, Tamara, Martha. Those born in the fall are likely to be called Veronica, Love, Hope, Anna and Ksenia.

For those who are looking for unusual original options, you can offer the names of Venus, Anfisa, Aurora, Stepanida, Pelagia, Evdokia. There is a tendency to spread long-forgotten names such as Pulcheria, Taisiya, Zinaida, Raisa, Seraphim and Praskovya.

Remember that choosing a childs name, you not only form his character traits, but also determine his fate.