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How to live in order not to regret in old age - Healthy lifestyle

Why do people react to this age in completely different ways, how to resist inevitable aging, because the most effective cure for old age is active life.

Old age is not joy, says a well-known saying, and, in part, reflects the harsh realities of our reality. Entering a new stage of his life, or as it is customary to call it the stage of late maturity, a person diagnoses not only physical changes, but also psychological changes. And all this happens against the background of a general deterioration in health, and a decrease in life potential..

At first glance, this is one of the most carefree periods of a persons life. Alas, this is by no means the case. We are not talking about regular changes in the state of health, whether it is a deterioration in memory, vision or attention. All this of course takes place. A more serious test for a person is the choice between accepting ones life and attaining wisdom, or a feeling of despair and the understanding that not everything in his life went as he would like. All this is compounded by a constant feeling of emptiness and loneliness, when a person does not have enough relationships or they are lost over the years.

Old Man's Whims, you say. This is by no means the case. From the point of view of medicine, all these phenomena have a pragmatic explanation, to a small extent depending on the person himself. You probably paid attention to how hard it is for people of advanced age to remember what they did recently, and with what enthusiasm they speak about the events of the past. But such behavior is simply caused by the deterioration of short-term memory in older people, while the processes of memory, on the contrary, are activated at this age. That is why old people love to talk about the past, about their youth and significant events in their lives..

For people at this age, nostalgia, memories of the past and emotions associated with it allow you to feel happy and experience a sense of inner and spiritual comfort.

In this article, we will not break the already existing stereotypes about inevitable old age, but try to figure out why people react completely differently to this age, how to resist inevitable aging, and, in the end, to convince them that the most effective existing anti-aging medicine is an active life.

Old age is the best half of life

The logical question is, why do some people not respond to the coming age, while others succumb to it? What life position makes it easier to resist aging? What kind of human behavior can be considered more adequate and effective? How to live in order not to regret anything in old age?

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life position

It is difficult, and impossible to list all the thoughts and aspirations of the elderly. We only make a reservation that they all depend on the purely personal and psychological qualities of each individual person and fit into the framework of his basic needs:

people are concerned about the lack of communication and positive attention;

they are dissatisfied with the results achieved in life;

concerned about the deterioration of health and the gradually tapering physical space of their life.

For good old age, the foundation is laid in youth

The results of opinion polls conducted by centers for the study of public opinion are conclusive evidence that most of the elderly feel completely lonely and miserable. This is subject to such close attention to this problem from psychologists and all kinds of foundations and social assistance organizations..

Responsibility for lonely old age should lie both on society as a whole and on each of us individually. The saying goes: "What you reap, you reap." The circle of communication that we ourselves create and generate throughout our lives should be a guarantee of a happy and carefree old age. This is, above all, a friendly and loving family. Children and grandchildren brought up in a spirit of respect for the older generation, family traditions and, importantly, who can hear, sympathize and empathize.

In the end, this is a circle of close friends to us. Remember the words from the children's song Without friends, Im a bit, but with friends a lot. By the way, this friendship is very difficult to maintain. The bitter truth is that it helps us in our youth to realize who we really are. And with age, we find less and less free time to chat with our friends, because we have no obligations to them. Friendship, if you like, involves the highest level of spiritual and psychological intimacy, willingness to support each other in difficult times, and even to some degree of sacrifice. So, this is one of the highest levels of relationships..

Vanity, Ecclesiastes said. Vanity of vanities - all vanity!

life position

Of course, one of the most serious tests for a person is his retirement. The new social status, which has gone on a well-deserved rest of a person, causes a feeling of worthlessness and uselessness for many. But not everyone is equally hard going through old age. People who share the life position of Ecclesiastes, they say, everything in life, whether it be money, titles, honors, epaulettes - vanity of vanities, become owners of happy old age.

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People with such an active lifestyle do not like to argue and dramatize events. They do not regret anything, live in the present, and not hopes for the future.

Take care of your youth

People in old age are very worried about their health, they are literally fixated on their problems and monitor the state of their body.

A well-known saying teaches us to take care of the dress while it is new, and it is an honor to preserve your youth. All this is absolutely fair. But there is one more indisputable advantage of a person who needs to be given the closest attention since birth - this is health.

We will not write much on this topic, we will only give resonant results of recent medical research in America. This kind of landmark experiment in cardiology lasted 25 years. It was attended by 10,874 men aged 18 to 39 years. We will not dwell on the initial diagnoses of the male audience, we only note that during this period 197 people died from coronary heart disease, 257 from other diseases of the cardiovascular system. But we are talking about young people. In a word, the facts speak for themselves.

Life is just beginning

Of course, you can take a passive stance and contemplate how our living space is gradually narrowing. First - to the district, then - to the street, courtyard, house and apartment. Many do this by visiting at this age not theaters and museums, but pharmacies and clinics.

Opinion polls confirm that more than 80% of elderly people prefer benches and gazebos in their own courtyards to cultural institutions. But the best way to combat old age is an active life position. The more hobbies, interests and responsibilities we have, the easier we adapt to new conditions, the better we cope with failures and difficulties..

And no matter what gerontologists tell you, its hard to come up with a better elixir from unhappy old age than optimism, positive emotions and positive thinking, pleasant communication, and a favorite hobby. Do not allow yourself to be closed in four walls, and obsessive thoughts take hold of your consciousness. Nothing pushes old age as much as travel. In a word, enjoy life, enjoy it, do not regret anything and live longer.