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The article gives basic recommendations on how to get rid of bad thoughts, because such thoughts in a given situation interfere with a full life

Each person has been in a situation where something does not give an opportunity to be distracted, thoughts return to some event again and again. Moreover, even a cheerful environment is not able to help, a person as if immersed in an abyss of bad thoughts. What could cause this? Often this is due to personality traits, for example, insecure people are more often prone to the appearance of harmful, sometimes absurd thoughts.

The reason may be some negative event experienced in the past. Often, a person who has become at least indirectly the cause of some kind of trouble, blames himself and constantly thinks about a possible recurrence of events. Sometimes a persons thoughts are influenced by internal contradictions that disturb.

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To get bad thoughts out of your head you need to do the following:

you need to try to figure out your fears. On paper we write down everything bad that is sometimes thought of. Then - a thorough analysis of the compiled list. Are there things in him that you can get rid of? For example, some people are afraid that before going to work they did not turn off the iron. You can simply take a place where the ironing board is on the phones camera every morning before leaving. It is possible that it will look ridiculous, but after looking at your record, a person will really calm down about this. And after a while, the bad thought of the iron not turned off will stop bothering.

some are worried about the situation from the past. Thorough consideration of all the details of the situation, writing on paper will make it possible to realize that it is impossible to fix the past, this will not happen again. By the way, after that you can just burn the paper with the text written on it.

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you must definitely fill your life with positive. An activity that can distract from bad thoughts can come to the rescue. It is great if such a thing helps to get out of the so-called comfort zone. For example, a humble and shy person needs some kind of coup to get rid of negative thoughts. You can recommend enrolling in rhetoric courses, this will make it possible to reveal yourself as a person, give positive emotions, thoughts.

you need to learn to relax emotionally and mentally. It is important to be able to relax, dream, listen to music or take a bath. As an option - physical activity, for example, walking, swimming or fitness.

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If coping with bad thoughts alone is not going well, you can turn to the help of a specialist at and sign up for training.

be healthy!