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Leg cramps are painful and uncomfortable. The cause of it can be both a disease and increased stress, as well as an improper diet. Probably the most unpleasant - convulsions appear completely unexpectedly. What to do in the case when she brought her foot together?

Many are familiar with the feeling when they bring their legs together. Leg cramps are incredibly painful and uncomfortable. It can be caused by a variety of diseases, as well as increased stress, as well as an improper diet. Probably the most unpleasant in this case is that convulsions appear completely unexpectedly, thereby violating not only sleep, but also a persons usual life. What to do in the case when she brought her foot together?

Leg cramps in a dream: what to do?

So, if a seizure occurs during sleep, you should take a sitting position, lower your legs to the floor and pinch yourself strongly for the place in which the muscle spasm is most felt. Then it is worth doing a massage, moving from bottom to top, from the ends of the fingers to the groin. With each movement, more and more efforts must be made: start with light stroking movements, and end with an energetic kneading. Such an event helps to improve blood circulation, so that the limbs again get the same sensitivity..

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Immediately after the massage, you need to put a roller or similar thing under your feet, so that they are located on a hill, and take the most comfortable pose. If possible, it is also worth making a heating pad and putting it at your feet or putting your feet on a radiator. Thus, hardened muscles are more likely to recover. To prevent this condition more, it is worth doing warm foot baths before going to bed.

Leg cramps in water: what to do?

There are also situations when a cramp comes unexpectedly when a person is in the water. Many people start to panic in this case, although it would be worth urgent action. Algorithm of actions:

You need to change the position of the body. When swimming on your back, turn around on your stomach, and on your stomach - on your back.

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If a spasm occurs in the calf muscle, it is necessary to bend and take the foot with your hands, then abruptly start pulling your fingers towards you.

In case of muscle cramp in the femoral region, you should wrap your arms around the lower limb of the front side near the ankle. After you need to bend it in the knee and pull strongly to the buttocks. Optimal to do this in the supine position..

If cramps often occur in the foot, you should always have a pin with you. It is only necessary to prick yourself in the place where you brought your leg together, and the pain will pass by yourself, and the leg will return to their usual position.

The frequent occurrence of convulsive states in the muscles may indicate an improper way of eating, therefore it is very important in this case to change your diet. First of all, it must be balanced. It is also worthwhile to include in it food with a high content of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. It will not be bad to get advice on this phenomenon from a medical specialist. This will be an excellent prevention of many serious diseases, and will also help maintain a toned and healthy energy level for many years..

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