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Do-it-yourself treatment of scoliosis of the vertebrae at home

Do-it-yourself treatment of scoliosis of the vertebrae of the first and second degrees at home: explanations, gymnastic exercises, massage, tips

Violation of posture and curvature of the vertebrae often begins as early as young children. It is important and even very important in time to see the problem and find a way of healing. In this article, we will examine the healing of scoliosis at home with our own hands and the most effective exercises to obtain stable and sustainable results..

It is possible to cure scoliosis at home, you just need to combine it with medical scientific methods. It is better to start the treatment of pathology in the early steps, when gymnastic exercises can still return the axis of the spinal column to the physiological position.

The disease of the first and second stage of development is perfectly treated with the help of therapy. First, you need to take care of a berth, for example, to purchase a special orthopedic mattress. If the patient prefers to rest mainly on his back, then you can sleep on a hard surface covered with a narrow blanket. It is better not to use a pillow, it is recommended to replace it with a small roller.

Treatment of vertebral scoliosis gymnastic exercises

In order to strengthen the spine of the back you need to do the following gymnastic exercises:

1. Lie down on your stomach. Bend the knees slowly, repeat ten times with each foot.

2. In this position, bend both legs at the knees. Repeat ten times.

Do-it-yourself treatment

3. In a lying position, you need to straighten your hands while resting on your palms. Perform extension of the body ten times.

4. Lying on the tummy, arms straightened. Raise legs and then arms one after another (this position is called the swallow) and fix the position until easy fatigue occurs.

5. Lying on the tummy. Alternately raise straightened legs Repeat ten times.

Treatment of scoliosis of the vertebrae of the first degree

It is ideal to carry out the complex healing, in this case the effect will be noticeable after a while. To strengthen the muscles of the back, it is excellent to do special healing exercises.

For a healing effect and, more importantly, so as not to worsen the course of the disease, it is necessary to select exercises together with the doctor. Widespread left-sided scoliosis of the first degree vertebrae is also well treated with exercise.

The load during exercises with healing physical culture should grow evenly with the strengthening of muscles. Do not immediately overload the muscles, this can lead to a negative effect.

With scoliosis of the first degree of the vertebrae, you need:

Do-it-yourself treatment scoliosis

in a standing position stretch with clasped hands;

raise one hand, taking the other back at the same time;

lean in different directions;

bend with simultaneous lagging of the leg and raising the arm;

bend your back in a prone position, preferably with a stick;

simultaneously rise to a standing position on all fours opposite.

Treatment of scoliosis of the vertebrae of the second degree

Treatment of scoliosis of the 2nd degree is not provided with the use of rapid intervention. Most often, the emphasis is on special sets of exercises (this includes the exercise therapy complex), which are selected depending on the type of curvature of the vertebrae.

Exercise should be done three, four times a week for 2 years. In addition to them, the patient needs to take a direction and attend a massage, there to conduct a course of manual therapy.

It is important to know that massage procedures are not the healing itself, but only an additional detail to the rest of the complex procedures. During the massage, painful feelings should not be, although the subsequent consequences may be felt.