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Dental Treatment for Pregnancy - Basic Rules - Healthy Living

Dental treatment during pregnancy is an important point for women when their teeth begin to deteriorate. Untreated teeth in a future mother can adversely affect the future health of the child.

During pregnancy, unpleasant dental diseases such as caries, periodontitis and even gingivitis often appear. Many future mothers are tormented by the question: "Do you want to treat teeth during pregnancy or not?".

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Very often you can hear recommendations from dentists that teeth should be treated before conception. But sometimes the circumstances are different and pregnant women undergo hormonal changes, which in turn can cause the formation of plaque. Thus, dental treatment during pregnancy becomes an important point for women when their teeth begin to deteriorate..

The untreated teeth of the expectant mother are the "gateway" for infections that can adversely affect the future health of the child. Doctor preventive examinations in mrdent dentistry will help to avoid such consequences..

affect future health

There are cases that may require x-ray interventions - it is better to postpone such procedures until the second trimester, when the threat to the life and development of the baby is the least. In this case, x-rays should be done using a radiovisiograph. This unit allows you to take pictures with a minimum dose of radiation.

Do not heal teeth with arsenic, perform whitening and prosthetics. Teeth can only be removed if absolutely necessary. It is necessary to use Ultracaine as an anesthetic - it is practically harmless for a future mother and baby.

Mr. Dent should be consulted by a dentist at least four times during the entire pregnancy period. Before conception, the expectant mother should properly care for the oral cavity, thoroughly brush her teeth.

Of course, teeth must be treated well before conception. And the best option would be if the family is dentally ready for the birth of the baby. Do not forget about the rehabilitation of the oral cavity and other relatives: grandparents, aunts and uncles. They can cause close contact with the baby..