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Cleansing the body at the cellular level

Cleaning the body at the cellular level - article on the website Healthy lifestyle

The human body can be compared to a huge biotechnological laboratory. Chemical, physical, mechanical processes occurring in the body weaken with time. And all because the human body requires cleaning, as well as the mechanisms, flasks or dishes of the laboratory.

It is necessary to clean not only the intestines, liver, kidneys and blood, but also the entire musculoskeletal skeleton at the cellular level. Herbalist healers have an excellent recipe based on the healing power of herbs.


All herbs included in the recipe are dried first - in this form they can be stored longer.

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Ingredients (100 g each):


- large celandine

- Hypericum perforatum

- medical immortelle

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- field horsetail

Pass all the ingredients through the meat grinder, mix thoroughly, fold in a paper bag. Keep collecting in a dark, cool, dry place..

Preparation of the drug:

For one serving, you need a tablespoon of herbal. Brew grass with boiling water in a glass, let it brew. You need to drink the drug in 0.5 cups in the morning and in the evening a few minutes before eating. One course - until the grass runs out (2-3 months).

During the treatment course, some patients may experience a profuse discharge of mucous material from the lungs and nose. You should not be afraid of this effect. On the contrary, it indicates that the cells of the body begin to get rid of poisonous substances and toxins.

Another plus of this method is that not only the cells of the body will be cleaned, but also the lenses of the eyes. Over time, the person taking the drug will see this effect: the vision will become sharper.

Popular wisdom says that any treatment must begin with purification. And the people will not speak in vain.